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Meet Mr. Science, Russ McGlenn of Adventure Safaris

Often called Mr. Science by his students, Russ McGlenn, is a theology major, Christian Ed minor, game inventor, Creation Science teacher, explorer, dinosaur hunter, photographer, and national camp, school, and seminar speaker. He specializes in hands on demonstrations of the truths of God's Word. Both students and parents report that Mr. McGlenn makes science come alive as he directs people's eyes and hearts toward the Creator of the universe through his creative science programs.

His Native American heritage gives him a unique background in hunting for clues to dinosaurs living in North America. He has also uncovered evidence of various cultures living here doing God's mission work in North America before Columbus. He has searched Native American records and archeology sites to confirm these claims.

As a student of theology, he blends God's Word with science. Mr. McGlenn's motto is that "true science, in contrast to evolutionary philosophy, always supports the Bible." He maintains that pseudo science, built on philosophy not laboratory proven experiments, is poor science and is hurting the discovery of God's beneficial laws for mankind.

Mr. McGlenn is a dynamic teacher whose enthusiasm for his subject matter is infectious to those who attend his seminars. You will be thrilled and spiritually uplifted after you attend one of his meetings. People are asking Mr. McGlenn back to their meetings to teach more about the messages God would have us learn through His Creation.


Mystery of the Effigy Mounds, Evidence for humans and dinosaurs living together, 1996. (At

The Adventure Safaris Creation Science Dinosaur Dig Workbook, Designed for learning how to excavate, mold, repair, and construct dinosaurs as well as skeletons of present day animals. 1997.

Design Vs. Chaos, A New Model of the Atom Based on Classical Science and a Biblical World View, 2000.

Noah's Big Adventure. An illustrated Power Point Book on Noah's Flood. 2009

Zoo Field Guide Seeing God's handiwork in the animals at the zoo.

Icecap. A science fiction (SF) love story on an ice covered planet. 1981 (At

Star quest. SF love story starting at Mars and ending at a Black hole. 1982

Space Jammer. SF love story on a solar wind powered space cargo ship that takes two years to get to Mars and back.

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Russ McGlenn's PowerPoint Presentations

Russ has over 250 one hour Power Point Slide programs. Choose from these 30 minute programs or we can customize one for you.

Dinosaur series
1. Mystery of dinosaurs in the Bible.
2. Mystery of what killed the dinosaurs.
3. Mystery of Indian Dinosaur Drawings
4. Mystery of the flying Dinosaur.
5. Mystery of How they could fit on the Ark.
5. Mystery of the Egyptian Dinosaurs
Other Mystery Series
1 Mystery of Adam’s Book – Gen. 5:1 How we got the Bible
2 Mystery of Moses and the Three Kings of Egypt.
3 Mystery of Tutankhamen – Why did he Worship the one true God?
4 Mystery of the Solar System – How does it Show God’s Fingerprints.
Other Topics
*Bill Nye the Science Guy – Does he really know science. This talk shows how his attack in Christians and the Bible is not scientific but pseudo science.
*Mathematical Formulas that prove the Universe cannot come into existence without a Creator.
*Aliens – A Biblical view of Martians, Little Green men and ETs

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