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McGlenn Museum Camp Special
If you have already taken the Egypt/Hebrew class here is a museum special.
Recruit a new student who has not come.
You get to come free and they come at the regular price of $40 or split the cost to $20 reach.

Adventure Safaris Dinosaur Warehouse
Hebrew/Egyptian/Dinosaur 3 Day Summer Camp
DATE: July 9-11 TIME: 10am to 12:30pm
COST: $40 each child AGE:5-14


Russ has over 250 one hour Power Point Slide programs. Choose from these 30 minute programs or we can customize one for you.

Dinosaur series
1. Mystery of dinosaurs in the Bible.
2. Mystery of what killed the dinosaurs.
3. Mystery of Indian Dinosaur Drawings
4. Mystery of the flying Dinosaur.
5. Mystery of How they could fit on the Ark.
5. Mystery of the Egyptian Dinosaurs
Other Mystery Series
1 Mystery of Adam’s Book – Gen. 5:1 How we got the Bible
2 Mystery of Moses and the Three Kings of Egypt.
3 Mystery of Tutankhamen – Why did he Worship the one true God?
4 Mystery of the Solar System – How does it Show God’s Fingerprints.
Other Topics
*Bill Nye the Science Guy – Does he really know science. This talk shows how his attack in Christians and the Bible is not scientific but pseudo science.
*Mathematical Formulas that prove the Universe cannot come into existence without a Creator.
*Aliens – A Biblical view of Martians, Little Green men and ETs

July 10,17,24.
Separate track Pathfinders 102 (Part 2)

Model Set Making for pictures and movies for your power point presentation.
Class outline sent latter.
Please register for part 1 by July 1st.

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