Dr. David Stewart is a veteran university geophysics teacher, natural health specialist, traveling therapist and seminar speaker, and author of the 2002 book, “The Healing Oils of the Bible.” He wrote in October 2002 about the new book…

Dennis Peterson is clearly on a mission appointed and anointed by God. My thinking has changed drastically as a result of this magnificent work. I used to believe everything I read and was taught in the so-called "literature of science." I now realize I have been duped. I was naive. Thank you Dennis for opening my eyes to so much truth.

Dear Dennis

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation is a beautifully presented book that should be required reading for all geology and biology students and teachers. It represents the vast body of fact and research not mentioned in secular publications and institutions of learning. The book is thoroughly enjoyable, readable, and documented. I could hardly put it down and devoured every word from beginning to end. I learned a lot.

As I read your book I carefully devoured it word by word with my Bible. I must say it is the best and most thorough creationist text I have ever studied. You seem to have faced all the big questions that an evolutionary geologist would have posed and are tackling them all one by one head on. As I read even the first portion of your book it significantly altered my thinking.

God has led me to your book as a resource for my own. Some of your ideas, including the idea that the laws of nature as we know them today, are not necessarily the laws that applied during creation. In fact, I have a little publication I wrote some 30 years ago entitled, God's Existence: Can Science

Prove it? that proves that the same laws of physics we know today could not have been in effect at that time.

My Ph.D. is in geophysics. I taught geology, hydrology, geophysics (mostly earthquake seismology) and evolutionary science for 12 years in two universities. (U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: 1971-78, and SE Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau: 1988-93). I have not taught in a university setting since 1993, but teach in seminars throughout the country. However, I have not taught matters of evolutionary science since 1993. Your book has radically changed my thinking on this matter.

Experiencing your book is like an exciting voyage into realms unknown to traditional scientists, like myself, and seeing for the first time the Word of God in places I never knew it could be found.


David Stewart, PhD
Former University Professor of Earth Sciences,
Former United Methodist Pastor,
and Author of 14 books including
"Healing Oils of the Bible."

For more information on Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, contact your local Christian or secular bookstore with ISBN number 0-89051-371, or log-on to www.creationresource.org, or phone toll free (866) 225-5229.

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