The Age of the Earth
7:30, Tuesday, May 16, 2000, Totino Fine Arts Center, Rm. 115, Northwestern College, Roseville

Is the Earth millions of years old, or is it less then 10 thousand years old? What does the Bible say about the age of the Earth and what do the facts show? Do the facts line up with the Bible, or with modern interpretations currently being taught in most of our schools? You need to know the facts and judge for yourself.
Bill Overn is a scientist and technologist who has been active in the creationist movement for over 40 years. He was instrumental in getting TCCSA started. He served as Manager of Memory Research and Development at Sperry-Univac for fifteen years, during which time his group was twice given the "Seven Wonders of Engineering in Minnesota" award. One was for the photo-processing memory aboard Mariner IV, that obtained the first close-ups of Mars. He has taught as visiting Professor of Physics at Concordia College and at Macallister College.
Bill is deeply concerned that Christian Churches become rededicated to the absolute authority of the Bible. He will show there is no compelling scientific evidence which could demand rejection of either the sudden creation of the universe, or the young age of the earth as recorded in Scripture.

Coming up - June 20 - A video presentation with John Mckay debating an ACLU member. Q & A to follow.
- July 18 - Bob Helfinstine on 1500 BC Catastrophes or video
- August - No meeting or newsletter


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Note from Albert Lea

TCCSA received a note from Bryce Gaudian, Director of the Southern Minnesota Association for Creation. He sent a recap of their recent meeting.
"The creation event in Albert Lea, Minnesota on March 31/April 1, 2000 with Dr. Kent Hovind allowed a multitude of people to stop and think, hear one of the best speakers in the world on the subject of creation vs. evolution, and avail themselves of the top resources available to take back to communities in 11 states, Mexico, and Germany. Between the two meetings, there were about 1,800 different people reached."
They really know how to put on a good program in

Summer Vacation Plans?

Summer is just around the corner and you may want to start making plans now. Adventure Safaris is sponsoring digs in Wisconsin in May, South Dakota in June and July and a Manipogo search in Manitoba in August. Russ would like to present information on activities to churches, schools and other groups. Contact information is on page 2.
Alpha Omega Institute in offering "Discover Creation" family camps in Colorado this July and August. They have special programs for children ages 5 - 12 and outdoor activities for everyone. For more information look them up at or call 970-523-9943 or e-mail discover-creation{at}


June 13, 7 - 9 P.M. Spring Grove, MN High School
William A. Hoesch, M.S., Geology, Institute for Creation Research, CA (507) 498-5386/5285
Feb 23-24, 2001
Ken Ham, Director of Answers in Genesis, will be speaking at the Sioux Falls, SD Convention Center. (605) 743-5972

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