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God's Promise to the ChineseGod's Promise to the Chinese TCCSA

Richard Broadberry has a web page

Richard Broadberry's
God's Promise to the Chinese

For a Chinese-English Version, Click HERE

For a printable/downloadable copy of the out of print book God's Promise to the Chinese in Chinese, click HERE.
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DVDs in English and Mandarin are available. See www.broadberry.org

Mr. Broadberry has written "EVOLUTION IN THE BIBLE: The rise of the Theory of Evolution predicted by the Apostle Peter"

Can You Be A Point Person?

Many Christians shy away from the issue of creation vs evolution.

Why? Because they think creation is either not important or not credible.

Regular TCCSA attenders know that creation is actually far more credible than evolution and is much more important than most realize. Believing that God used evolution or took millions of years, makes Him either clumsy, cruel or indifferent and makes the Bible unreliable from the beginning.

But the issue is also not one of pure intellectual discussion. There are psychological and spiritual barriers to even considering the evidence. To be a point person requires humility, prayer, love and persistence.

For More Information, Click HERE.

Search For The Truth

Bruce Malone writes, "After leaving Dow and launching into full time Christian ministry (almost 3 years ago), we have finally updated our web site to make all of our resources easily accessible and available AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST. Every video lecture, audio teaching, and most books are now available for instant download. In addition, there are links to other major creation resources, my up-to-date speaking schedule, and a much improved order/donation basket.

Take a few minutes to poke around the new Search for the Truth web site, add a link to your favorites menu, and forward a link to others you know. I think you'll use this site as an ongoing resource for equipping yourself and others with a foundational knowledge on the importance of creation."

Common Sense Science
Theory of Everything?
Charles W. (Bill) Lucas

"The Universal Force: Derived From a More Perfect Union of Axiomatic and Empirical Scientific Methods"

A Paper submitted to the 7th International Conference on Creation
Click HERE for a detailed abstract.

Cartoonist Dan Nuckols Has His Own Website and a NEW BOOK
For more information, click HERE.

Or Go To www.danspulpit.com

Looking for a Creation Speaker?

See Speakers List for Twin Cities Area of Minnesota

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Finely Graded Strata Deposited Simultaneously
Do Layers Prove Long Ages? Experiments Disprove That Long Unexamined Assumption

"Experiments In Stratification" by Guy Berthault, A small screen video of his famous 1993 stratification experiments showing that finely graded strata are not necessarily sequential but may be simultanous and can be formed rapidly.

What Does Global Warming Have To Do With Creation?

Like the Creation/Evolution issue:

* It is "science" by consensus
* Discussion is not allowed (dissenters want discussion)
* Key evidence is ignored
- there have been cycles of warming and cooling in the past
- Greenland was farmed by the Vikings long before industrialization
- Carbon dioxide follows warming as the oceans warm and release it
* Dissenters are vilified
* It assumes that man can save the earth
* It leaves out God's plan
* It accepts billions of years of earth history
* And longs for dramatic population reduction.

Does it strike anybody as strange that carbon dioxide -- which is present at a level of about 5% in the air we all exhale and is absolutely necessary for the growth of green plants on which all animal life on earth ultimately depends for food -- is designated as a pollutant?

Will we need to purchase "carbon credits" to keep breathing? Since water is an even more powerful "greenhouse gas" will that be next? Have we entered "Wonderland" and not noticed?

Hey, I just thought of a way to cut Health Care costs!

Interesting thought: "Climategate" (the revelation of incriminating e-mails detailing underhanded suppression of dissent) has not provoked a media feeding frenzy like Watergate did.

For An Article by Edward Blick Click HERE
For Excerpts by Bill Overn, Click HERE.
For an article by Dr. Larry Vardimann, click HERE
For an article published in the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
click HERE.
Obama's "Bad Molecule CO2 Myth" is a Dagger in the Back of the U.S. Economy by Edward Blick

Russ McGlenn
Russ McGlenn's Books and Curricula are Available
Click HERE

Slaughter of the Dissidents
Whether or not you saw "Expelled"
You need to read
"Slaughter of the Dissidents:
The Shocking Truth About Killing The Careers Of Darwin Doubters"

By Jerry Bergman

See The Website www.slaughterofthedissidents.com
For a commentary, Click HERE.

Child Abuse?
by Ross Olson

Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion and Christopher Hitchens in God is Not Great claim that Christianity and Creationism are child abuse because they indoctrinate the young and vulnerable.

But what about those who tell kids, "You are an accidental collection of molecules. You not only have no intrinsic value or significance but when you die, it is all over. Also, you are not even the pinnacle of evolution but part of an accidental species that will probably be replaced by cockroaches. We are not even sure about free will... but we are pretty sure you are destroying the earth. And by the way, there are too many of you. Now hurry along, children, your next class is on Self Esteem."

In A Hurry?

Read "Young Earth Creation: The Biblical Evidence" by Ross Olson
And "Young Earth Creation: The Scientific Evidence" by Ross Olson
A Transcript of talks that were limited to 10 minutes


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Genetic Entropy
J.C.Sanford's Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome
By showing that there are over 100 new deleterious mutations per person per generation, Sanford indicates that we were created perfect and are deteriorating towards extinction.

For a review, click HERE.

Texas Tracks - front Texas Tracks - back
TCCSA Pioneers Bob Helfinstine and Jerry Roth
Second Edition Updated and Enlarged
"Texas Tracks and Artifacts"
Contact ross{at}rossolson.org for greatly reduced price -- $5.00 (+ shipping if you don't pick it up at a meeting.)

Prior to Bob Helfinstine's death, he put Texas Tracks back in print with updated information on track finds in Texas and from other locations. A new section has also been added to the book with the title "Supporting. Evidences". Evidence for coexistence of men and dinosaurs includes artifacts, artworks and historical records.

Additional testing on the hammer artifact has verified it to be an ancient tool, not a recently lost miner's hammer. Test results are included.

APPENDIX 1, Radiocarbon Dating as it Relates to Coexistence of Men and Dinosaurs is another addition to the book.

There are 48 numbered black-and-white illustrations and 70 color illustrations in a slightly larger format of 135 pages that makes for easier reading.

Cartoonist Dan Nuckols Has His Own Website
Go To www.danspulpit.com

Christ Serve Ranch

TCCSA has provided consultation for this Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center near Henning, Minnesota. This will be the first Bible based Environmental Learning Center in the World and a significant step forward for science. This is where future leaders of the church as well as science will receive training.

Bill Schultz
Director of Planning and Resource Development
Lutheran Island Camp, Inc.
45011 230th St.
Henning, MN 56551
e-mail info{at}islandcamp.org
website www.christserveranch.org

Dancing with the Devil, Juggling the Facts

Bill Nye, "the science guy," has enhanced his star status by appearing on "Dancing with the Stars." He appears to be light on his feet although recent statements indicate that he is intellectually lead-footed.

His diatribe against creation began with the assertion that America is at the forefront of science and technology because of freedom of thought. He then turned right around and complained that too many people do not think as he does. I am not privy to the state of Mr. Nye's soul, which is real and precious whether or not he thinks he has one. But I do fear for his eternal destiny since such elementary errors of logic for a man of intelligence and learning indicate that he is clearly suppressing the truth.

Ross Olson engaged in a little on line debate with National geographic blogger, Greg Laden, on Fox News Local affiliate Channel 9 Twin Cities on September 24, 2013. www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/19628929/advocates-debate-bill-nyes-suggestion-to-not-teach-creationism

Ross Olson

Annual TCCSA Writing Contest
Deadline May 15

The winners invited to post their papers on the web site.
TCCSA may not necessarily endorse all the opinions expressed in the papers posted.
You May View Past Papers In PDF

"Are Birds Surviving Dinosaurs" by Annabelle L., winner in the May 2016 contest
"Horse Evolution on Trial" by Veronica Faye, winner in the May 2013 contest
"Through His Handiwork" by 12 year old writing contest winner Isaiah Durand presented at TCCSA meeting 3/20/2012.
"The Greatest of Creatures" by 14 year old writing contest winner Geneva Durand presented at TCCSA meeting 10/18/2011.
"The Truth About Giants" by Adam Schwartzbauer, 2010 11th Grader who read the abridged version of his paper "The Truth About Giants"at the July, 2010 meeting.
Adam's Complete Giants PowerPoint
For critiques by Dr. Clyde Billington and Joe Taylor, go to our articles page.

"The Incredible Ica Stones of Peru" by Adam Schwartzbauer, 2009 10th Grader who read his paper at the September, 2009 meeting.
"Flood Stories Around the World" by Andrew Williams, 2008 Fifth Grader who read his paper at the January 2009 meeting.
"Cellular Reproduction" by Alyssa Pagel, 2008 Ninth Grader who read her paper at the November 2008 meeting.
"Whales" by Mitchell Pagel, 2008 Seventh Grader, who read his paper at the October 2008 meeting.
"Facts on Earth" by Francie Volk, 2008 Fourth Grader who read her paper at the 9/16/08 meeting.
"Platypuses and How They Defy Evolutionists" by Claire Ensminger, 2007 Eighth Grader Winner who read her paper at the 1/15/08 meeting.
Beetles by Mitchell Pagel, 6th Grade Winner of The 2007 TCCSA Writing Contest, presented at the 11/20/07 meeting.
Did Man Live With Dinosaurs? by Brooke Lodien, 7th Grade Winner of The 2007 TCCSA Writing Contest, presented at the 10/16/07 meeting.
Are Dinosaurs Still Alive by Max Lodien, 8th Grade Winner of The 2007 TCCSA Writing Contest, presented at the 9/18/07 meeting.
Did God Really Create Man? by Emily Hannan, 9 year old winner of 2007 TCCSA Writing Contest, presented at the 7/17/07 Meeting
"The Geologic Column" by Jonathan Cox, a 2007 Winner who read his paper at the 6/19/07 meeting.
"Evidence of Intelligent Design: Birds" by Claire Ensminger, 2006 Seventh Grader Winner who read her paper at the 7/18/06 meeting.
Refuting The Big Bang Theory by Victoria Kasten, 2006 9th Grade Winner, who read her paper at the 9/19/06 meeting.
"A Subhuman?" by 2005 Ninth Grade Winning Student C. C.
For More Information On The Contest, Click HERE

Vast ages not needed to produce gems
Opals form in weeks

"The Evolutionary Dynamics of Digital and Nucleotide Codes: A Mutation Protection Perspective"

Willaim DeJong writes of a newly published study: "The article refers to the largely unknown fact that both digital codes (computer programs) and nucleotide codes (DNA) are protected against mutations. The article concludes that living nature continuously adapts to changing circumstances by gene-regulation and the recombination of gene variants ('alleles') and selection. These mechanisms for random change and selection neither produce new alleles nor expand the length of the nucleotide code, and operate within the boundaries of mutation protection."

For the review and the links, click HERE.

The Dark side od Charles Darwin
Jerry Bergman, who writes faster than most people read, has written
"The Dark Side of Charles Darwin:
A Critical Analysis of an Icon of Science"

A Review by Ross Olson

You Missed

"The Science of the Flood:
And Why We Care"

by Ross Olson

But The Videos Featured Can Be Viewed On Line
For Links Click HERE.

Lyn Griffin
Griffin Communications
Lyndon Griffin, Historian, Lecturer
and former TCCSA Board Mamber
Now has a web site.
For details, click HERE
His lectures include the Scopes Trial

Fox 9 News broadcast a brief debate

TV's "The Science Guy," Bill Nye, claimed in a video clip that evolution doubters endanger US scientific future and it is harmful to teach this to children. See it.

Board member Ross Olson, retired pediatrician was invited to discuss the issue with National Geographic Blogger, Greg Laden, live and on screen for about 8 minutes Monday. See It

This was followed by discussion on Greg Laden's Blog "In Partnership with National Geographic" See It

Star Tribune published an Article Favorable to Creation

  • "How I Evolved Into A Young Earth Creationist" by Ross Olson. My personal journey through skepticism back to Biblical creation, this time backed by scientific evidence. This was published by the Star Tribune on 8/1/2012. Click HERE

    A responder in California stated that this proves the media in Minnesota are controlled by conservatives!!

    Europe Is Skeptical About Evolution
    "Darwin and the Return of the Alchemists" by Wim M. de Jong, a Dutch consultant and researcher who sees no hope for evolution theory.

    See The Amazing Animation From Kids4Truth

    Adventure Safaris Logo

    To See Russ In Action Teaching About Glaciers
    Click HERE (Note: It is 3MB)

    Outer Space
    "Life in Outer Space: Just Add Water?"

    For An Article On This Subject By Ross Olson, Click HERE

    For An Article On This Subject By Optical Engineer Dave Stoltzman, Click HERE.

    Want To See One Of the Most Popular Articles On The Internet Concerning Evolution?
    Evolution: A Conservapedia Article

    Answers In Genesis
    Answers In Genesis Museum Got A Reaction From Opponents

    The New York Times features an article that reports the technical and artistic excellence of the museum, located just across the Kentucky border from Cincinnati, but expresses amazement at the worldview. After a reasonable description of the experience, the writer ends with puzzlement that scientific evidence is offered -- obviously assuming that Christian belief is a leap in the dark. Then he makes what he assumes to be the "gotcha" point that if miracles are allowed, then we have a chaotic universe. Hopefully the "cognitive dissonance" that results from seeing that bright talented people have these "strange beliefs" will cause many to reconsider their prejudices.

    For the New York Times article, click HERE.
    For Answers in Genesis Web Site, click HERE.
    For a letter to the Star Tribune, click HERE.

    Institute for Creation ResearchCreation Research Society align=
    Creation Research Society align=
    Surprisingly, It Is Radiometric Dating
    That Contradicts Old Earth Chronology
    To See information On The RATE Project, Click HERE.

    Kansas Science Standards 2005
    Are We Really In Kansas Anymore?
    Was It The Wicked Witch? The Wizard?
    Or Did They Change Venue To "Alice In Wonderland?"
    Please Click HERE

    Apologetics Press
    Evolutionists Frequently Point To Theistic Evolutionists As Proof That Evolution Is No Threat To Religion
    For A Look At Militant Atheism, Click HERE

    Can anybody notice the problem in the following statement? Eugenie Scott wrote: "To scientists, using God to explain natural phenomena of any kind violates the practice of methodological naturalism, in which scientific explanations are limited only to natural causes." (Hint: Does science encompass all of reality?)

    The Kansas 2005 Hearings contain this statement by Mr. John Calvert: "A philosophy professor at Concordia University of Wisconsin was asked about scientists who have theistic beliefs and also accept evolution. This is what he said: 'The mere fact that you have somebody who holds two beliefs, A and B, does not show that they are logically consistent.' He went on to say, 'It might be that some of these people are confused.' And you will remember the significant number of people walking around here wearing a tag that said 'confused' after that statement."

    Who Is Your Creator
    There was a large billboard questioning evolution near Washington Avenue & Interstate 35W in downtown Mineapolis.
    It earned a Star Tribune editorial stating that "evolution is a fact." It is a high honor to irritate those guardians of political correctness.

    For more information, click www.whoisyourcreator.com.

    Ironically, this billboard stands just before the bridge that collapsed on August 1, 2007. Were the victims just cosmic accidents or creations of a loving God, Whom they had either accepted or rejected prior to their sudden demise?

    TCCSA Webmaster Ross Olson evolved!!
    ...from an evolutionist to a creationist! Of course, evolutionists would call that a deleterious mutation. But wouldn't even that prove the point!?
    Click HERE for more details.


    Did Noah have a library?
    For an article, click HERE.

    Sickle Cell
    Does Sickle Cell Resistence To Malaria Demonstrate Evolution?
    For an e-mail debate Dr. Kevin Anderson had with evolutionist Dr. Carl Zimmer, (whose original article was a response to Dr. Anderson's radio broadcast) click HERE

    e Creation Science Academy
    John Nuckols'
    e Creation Science Academy
    Providing Home School Science Instruction For Central Minnesota
    E-mail jpnuckols{at}usfamily.net
    Also Sponsors Dissection Camps
    Click HERE for more information.

    The Romans One Test

    Romans One indicates that the existence of God and something of His nature are so apparent from the things He has made that those who fail to recognize it are "without excuse." In fact, the passage states that they are actually "suppressing the truth." In what ought to be frightening to those who are doing it, Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, writes that this places the offenders under "the wrath of God."

    Now, of course, atheists think they have nothing to fear since they do not believe in God. Romans One, however, tells us that God does not believe in atheists - at least honest atheists - because He states that the evidence for His existence, eternal power and divine nature is plain in creation, and only avoided by active suppression.

    Yet there are Christians - who ought to know better - that still endorse a cosmology indistinguishable from that of an atheistic thinker. In other words, they agree with everything mainstream materialistic science comes up with but simply say, "God did it like this."

    Click HERE To Read The Whole Article

    Evolutionary Instruction Is Scholastic

    Proponents of evolution, claiming to be products of the Enlightenment, have actually reverted to the pre-modern mode of instruction. At the time Francis Bacon defined modern experimental science, the Universities were dominated by Aristotelian Scholastics. This hold was so strong that independent Natural Philosophy Societies had to be started to provide a forum for the new thinking.

    In the Universities, students were given, as authoritative, the teachings of the Greeks, mainly Aristotle, and deviation was not tolerated. Science was done by starting with a "known" principle, performing deductive reasoning from that principle (essentially "thought experiments") and finally selecting examples from nature to illustrate - not prove - the point.

    Ironically, evolutionists, instead of continuing the Baconian legacy of observation, hypothesis, experimentation and modification, have reinstituted the Scholastic format. Students are authoritatively taught "the fact of evolution." They may be given "thought experiments" such as "describe the selective advantage of flight." They may then select examples from nature that illustrate that point.

    Their actual philosophy is less like Aristotle (who believed in cause and effect) than some of the others, like Epicurus (who believed that atoms have the innate power of "swerve" -- the ancient "uncertainty principle") and Pythagoras (who seemed to nearly worship nature and think that it was essentially mathematical).

    No amount of contrary evidence is considered enough to re-consider the basic proposition of evolution because it is accepted on authority. The data are not examined systematically but only as they support the hypothesis.

    So who are the "pseudo-scientists" after all?

    Ross S. Olson

    Watch For It
    Classical Physics vs Modern Physics Seminar
    For more Information, Click HERE.

    Should Intelligent Design be taught in the schools?
    See Intelligent Design and the Public Schools Talk by Ross Olson
    A paper given at a town meeting for select high school students at the University of Minnesota on January 4, 2006.
    See Intelligent Design And The Jewish Schools by Ross Olson
    A paper given at a meeting of the Jewish Community Relations Council on March 9, 2006.
    See Intelligent Design And The Public Schools Article A version of the talk suitable for use as an article by Ross Olson

    Haldane's Dilemma
    A Genius Was Disturbed
    Should Lesser Evolutionists Worry, Too?
    Click HERE to find out.

    Dan Nuckols

    Looks At The Creation -- Evolution Controversy Along With The Whole Monkey's Cuz Crew At Wannabe High School
    God does Not Beleive in Atheists
    For More Of Dan's Work, Click HERE
    Dan's Pulpit

    Apologetics Press
    "Was Darwin Wrong?"
    Asked National Geographic
    And, of course, they answered in the negative...
    But in fact, Darwin WAS wrong
    And National Geographic Is Even More Wrong!
    Because The Evidence Is Now So Compelling
    That Dawin Himself Might Have Changed His Mind
    For More Information, click HERE
    And Also Go To The Website Of Apologetics Press

    What does {at} have to do with {at} ?
    Because internet spamers search for and collect e-mail addresses from web sites,
    we are changing the addresses that appear on this site.

    anybody{at}something.net becomes anybody{at}something.net
    This should fool the robots for a while, but if you are a human, just replace the {at} with a {at}.

    Weigh the Evidence
    For a printable poster with a challenge to

    "Weigh the Evidence,"
    click HERE.

Definition of Evolution

Recently evolutionists have retreated from defending abiogenesis and claim that it has never been considered part of evolution. (It is interesting that this has happened after creationists effectively showed the physical impossibility of life arising by natural processes.) Yet this has not always been the case.

George Gaylord Simpson wrote: "Evolution is a fully natural process, inherent in the physical properties of the universe, by which life arose in the first place and by which all living things, past or present, have since developed, divergently and progressively" ("The World Into Which Darwin Led Us," Science, 1960, p. 969).

And, of course, for those who want to defend a materialistic world view, it is absolutely essential that there be a non-supernatural origin of life, and indeed of matter, energy and time, whether they want to include it under "evolution" or give it a separate name.

If they say "we have no theory of the natural origin of life," then it means that the only other choice -- a supernatural origin -- must be the working hypothesis.

Creation Research Society

POLLEN PROBLEMS (For the evolutionist!)
In the 1980's, Creation Research Society repeated and confirmed the earlier research of Clifford Burdick, finding intact pollen in the PreCambrian strata of the Grand Canyon, which according to standard chronology should have had no flowering plants. They also found 200 million years missing with the layers above and below the missing strata interbedded (blending) and no erosion. This means their deposition was continuous without any significant gap of time.
See the articles in pdf format by clicking HERE.

Have A Creation Question?

1. Search this site for key words. There are many articles, debates and letters.
2. Look at the Links page and search the major sites (marked with an *).
There are about 135 sites linked.
3. Click "Research Help" then "Other Resources" to find articles, books, debates, letters, reviews and videos on the Resources page for ideas.

Great Works
Bryce Gaudian: Great Works Catalog

Creation Videos, Books, Music, Artifacts and Art

Click HERE for the first half of the Catalog. (2.5 MB) Click HERE for the second half of the Catalog. (2.5 MB)
Click HERE for the first page of the order form. Click HERE for the second page of the order form.

C. S. Lewis

There are all sorts of different reasons for believing in God, and here I will mention only one. It is this. Supposing there was no intelligence behind the universe, no creative mind. In that case nobody designed my brain for the purpose of thinking. It is merely that when the atoms inside my skull happen for physical or chemical reasons to arrange themselves in a certain way, this gives me as a by-product, the sensation I call thought. But if so, how can I trust my own thinking to be true? It is like upsetting a milk-jug and hoping that the way the splash arranges itself will give you a map of London. But if I cannot trust my own thinking, of course I cannot trust the arguments leading to atheism and therefore the reason to be an atheist, or anything else. Unless I believe in God, I cannot believe in thought or anything else: so I can never use thought to disbelieve in God.

C. S. Lewis

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