Dan Nuckols

Like to Doodle? Cartooning for the Glory of God

Cartooning for the Glory of God: A Comprehensive Course on Cartooning from a Christian Worldview

By Daniel Nuckols

Like to Doodle? Turn your doodles into great cartoons as you learn new skills from this insightful step-by-step book, Cartooning for the Glory of God, that will guide you in your pursuit to become an excellent cartoonist.

Daniel Nuckols' incisive wit will challenge you to see the world in a unique and humorous light as you develop a cartoonist's eye. His vision is to inspire a generation of cartoonists who not only strive for excellence in their artwork, but who endeavor to reach a lost world for Christ by using their cartoons as a powerful communicative tool to spread the Gospel.

From mission trips in Guatemala and Mexico to local county fairs, Dan has shared his talent in drawing caricatures with many. His cartoons have been featured in various publications, including the Washington Post. Along with his Graphic Art business, Dan is finishing up a B.A. from Northwestern College with a major in Biblical Studies and a minor in Graphic Design. To see more of Dan's work, visit his website: www.danspulpit.com.

141 Pages, Spiral Bound.


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