Vance Ferrell is the senior editor and researcher who compiled a voluminous collection of evidences and information called the Evolution Cruncher. A virtual evolution encyclopedia, his expanded findings are available online at His letter to the author made this observation in March, 2003.


Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation provides a powerful presentation of the truths of Creation. It should be placed in the hands of every young person in the nation. The illustrations are excellent, and the content clear and incisive. There is a great need for such high quality books. Error stalks the land, and Truth must be forcefully presented. In this book, Petersen is doing it.


Vance Ferrell, Harvestime Books

Altamont, Tennessee, USA

For more information on Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, contact your local Christian or secular bookstore with ISBN number 0-89051-371, or log-on to, or phone toll free (866) 225-5229.

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