Jim Perloff is the author of the best selling 1999 defense of creation and critique of evolution, Tornado in a Junkyard.

From: Jim Perloff
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002
To: Dennis Petersen
Subject: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

Dear Dennis:

I have now finished reading the new "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation." It is certainly the most beautiful book ever published on creation, and is very possibly the best book on the whole subject, period. It is only fitting that a book meant to convey God's majestic design be itself so well-designed. It holds your attention throughout--never a dull moment.
I learned plenty from reading the book
. The woodpecker argument, for example, is one that stands out in my mind as an argument against evolution. Those zillions of woodpeckers smashing their beaks and getting concussions until finally, one day, one of them got a mutation that made the beak a little harder!
I liked the adaptation of Bill Morgan's argument from thermodynamics and cause & effect. I did not underscore thermodynamics in my own book, because I thought it hard for most people to easily grasp; but the passage in "Unlocking" is the most persuasive presentation of the Thermodynamics argument I have seen.
There was plenty of information I hadn't seen before--for example, dragon/dinosaur sightings not mentioned in Cooper or other creationist writings I had read on the subject.
"Unlocking" also makes the best case I've seen for the superiority of our ancestors. Unfortunately, the speculative nature of some parts of that, along with the mention of Paluxy, will probably rule this book out for AIG. But Dennis, I did think you did a marvelous job of explicating exactly what the story is on the Paluxy footprints.
Congratulations on an outstanding book!

Best wishes,
Jim Perloff

For more information on Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, contact your local Christian or secular bookstore with ISBN number 0-89051-371, or log-on to www.creationresource.org, or phone toll free (866) 225-5229.

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