Creation World View Book Released

A Review of "Unlocking The Mysteries of Creation," by Dennis Petersen

by Tom Ish, editor of Creation Illustrated Magazine

After three years of hard work researching, writing, designing, and calling upon the expertise of others, the expanded third edition of Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation: The Explorer's Guide to the Awesome Works of God by Dennis R. Petersen, is finally off the press and ready to be a Bible-based world-view centerpiece in every home and library.

The 240 page, hardcover volume is a condensed encyclopedia on Creation that will spark minds, both young and old, to become more awestruck than ever before by the wondrous works of God.

Readers have often called Creation Illustrated "The Christian answer to National Geographic," and now Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation can be crowned "The Christian answer to National Geographic books." With every page stunning the reader with full color backgrounds and sharp, informative photos, graphics, and charts, the book will stand up to any award-winning nature/science volume.

The thought of making claims that the book is a homeschooler's dream come true, a disciple's outreach tool like none other, or a Bible student's/teacher's priceless resource might seem presumptuous, but one look at the artistically packed wealth of information will dissolve any doubts of such claims.

In fact at first glance, the amount of information and the powerfully designed graphics could startle a reader into a state of overwhelm, but a more careful examination will reveal a well orchestrated format divided into four sections.

They include: 1) Unlocking the Mysteries of the Early Earth, which covers a foundational presentation of the Creation account found in Genesis; 2) Unlocking the Mysteries of Evolution, which uncovers many of the shaky foundation upon which evolutionary thinking is based; 3) Unlocking the Mysteries of Original Man, which delves into some amazing fossil evidence pointing to God�s original design and the "missing link" of evolutionary theory; and 4) Unlocking the Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations, which can boggle the mind when pondering archeological discoveries of technology, architecture, astronomy, transportation, and energy.

Petersen did not cower at the daunting task of presenting these vital, controversial, and complex areas of knowledge and debate. He develops each one with a balance of supportive evidence in both science and Scripture with detailed references. With a background and Masters degree in Museum Science and 30 years of Bible teaching and pastoral work, Petersen claims no scientific or theological superiority in Creationism, but rather points to a providential series of events that led to piecing this unique presentation together. It relys on the expertise of others, �especially the guiding hand of God. "My dream is to touch millions of lives by sharing information so others can be impacted the way I was impacted: to see God in an awesomely more profound way," Petersen says about his journey in discovering all these truths about the Creator. "This book came together not because I am especially capable. It is the result of the Lord working uniquely in my life," the author adds with humble yet firm convictions that all the glory MUST go to God.

Recognizing today�s "media bite" information generation, Petersen�s careful selection of topics are as minute as the single cell or as vast as the worldwide flood and beyond to the far reaches of the universe. Yet what makes this volume so unique is its design. Far reaching concepts are synergistically connected into an understandable collection of information that guides the reader to arrive at a sensible world view. "Readers will be able to partake of many profound discoveries that might otherwise take several years to find and assimilate," says Petersen.

But the author does not pretend to have all the answers. He leads the reader to THINK! In fact, there are many boxes or highlighted questions that inspire the reader to go beyond being fed information. The "unlocking the mysteries" theme that runs throughout the book encourages inductive reasoning rather than succumbing to the preaching of a certain position. This approach prepares the reader to ".. . always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, . . ." (1 Peter 3:15). It prepares the reader for further inductive approaches to other Biblical subjects and social hot buttons (as the Creation/evolution debate and other issues are thrust to the forefront of evening newscasts and on the covers of news magazines). The inductive approach does not preclude faith, however. Rather it links logical information to boost faith to yet a higher realm.

Not surprising, for a single volume on world views, the story does not end on the last page. The book closes with an overview of "what next?" How can the average person use this material to reach others with the amazing truths about creation? Various resources (web sites, references, indexes, CDs, and other tools for creation evangelism/discipleship) inspire the reader to carry the torch� as an everlasting light of truth into a dark world where beliefs on origins have been convoluted beyond recognition.

The invitation (heralded for 25 years by Petersen through his Creation seminar ministry, Creation Resource Foundation) is clear and compelling, "Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the children of men" (Psalm 66:5). For a cover price of $32.99 you can't afford not to answer the call. More than 250,000 copies of the first edition (black and white hard bound) sold over a 16 year period. We believe this edition could far surpass that number in its first year or so.

So brace yourself. This is not just a "good" book that will be used by a few students or perused by the casual reader and later discarded for pennies at a garage sale. It will become a mainstay and hold a prominent position on the living room table or bookshelf in any home that takes God�s word seriously concerning the evidence for a Bible-based world view. Its quality of presentation makes for a gift that will be cherished for many years to come by any reader (regardless of their faith) and will have a lasting impact on their life�--perhaps even an eternal impact.

For more information on Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, contact your local Christian or secular bookstore with ISBN number 0-89051-371, log-on to www.masterbooks.net or www.creationresource.org, or phone toll free (800) 999-3777 or (866) 225-5229.

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