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Who Is Richard Broadberry?

Richard Broadberry has spent many years in Taiwan and Mainland China working in the field of Transfusion Medicine as a Biomedical Scientist. He has published almost 100 articles in that field. In addition, he is co-author of several books detailing how the ancient Chinese worshiped the same God as the ancient Hebrew people. He is married to Maggie and they are proud parents of three beautiful adopted Chinese daughters.

Mr. Broadberry is a Trustee of CSM (Creation Science Movement), Portsmouth UK. CSM, originally the Evolution Protest Movement, is the oldest Creation Organization in the world.

Mr. Broadberry has written "EVOLUTION IN THE BIBLE: The rise of the Theory of Evolution predicted by the Apostle Peter"

TCCSA God's Promise to the Chinese

October 16, 2017, 7:30 pm
Richard Broadberry

"God's Promise to the Chinese"

Lecture was in Chinese

PART OF "Richard Broadberry's testimony of God's leading in his life"
Testimony in Chinese

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TCCSAGod's Promise to the Chinese

October 17, 2017, 7:30 pm
Richard Broadberry

"God's Promise to the Chinese"

Lecture was in English

PART OF "Richard Broadberry's testimony of God's leading in his life"

One morning, while in Taiwan and in the process of preparing for the publication of his first book with Dr. Ethel Nelson, Richard stayed at home in bed due to a very bad cold and sore throat. Suddenly God spoke to him and said: 'I want you to go to the National Palace Museum and find an Oracle Bone expert'. Instantly his nose stopped running and his sore throat was healed. He arose from his bed, completely healed, and walked to the National Palace Museum. He asked the receptionist if there was an oracle bone expert there and she told him to wait a moment. A few minutes later he was introduced to Mr. Chang Guang Yuan, an oracle bone expert. Richard showed him the manuscript for the first book that was being prepared for publication. Expecting him to laugh at the idea that the ancient Chinese writing contained the truths recorded in Genesis, Richard was surprised when Mr. Chang said: 'No one knows for certain who invented the ancient Chinese writing so there is no reason why foreigners can't have their theories about the origins of the Chinese characters. However, in your manuscript you are not analyzing the most ancient forms of the Chinese writing. You need to analyze 'Oracle Bone Characters'!

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October 22, 2017, 1:30PM - 2:45PM
Richard Broadberry

"God's Promise to the Chinese"
At West Metro Chinese Church

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China and the Bible
By Richard Broadberry

You might possibly be thinking "what possible connection can there be between China and the Bible!" However, you will be surprised to find that China is mentioned in the ancient Hebrew scriptures. Although there is no specific mention of England, France or the USA in the Bible, if we examine an ancient prophecy from Isaiah chapter 49 verse 12 (about 700BC), we do discover a mention of China:

In context, this prophecy appears to refer to the return of exiled Israel from the nations of the world. The "north" probably refers chiefly to Russian Jews and the "west" to American and European Jews. But while "north" and "west" are general terms, "Sinim" is a specific term, thought by many scholars to be China. The "Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible" explains Sinim as "Chinese?". In fact the nouns "Sinology" or "Sinologist" use the same root word "Sin" meaning China. Isaiah thus prophesied that one day Israel"s exiles would return from China back to their own land. Other Christians have interpreted the above scripture to imply "Christians" rather than "Jews" meaning that many Chinese would come to believe in God. Maybe both interpretations are correct. However, regardless of how you interpret Isaiah"s prophecy, one important fact is that China (Sinim) is mentioned in the Bible!

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Reprinted with permission from:
Creation Science Movement
PO Box 888, Portsmouth PO6 2YD, UK; info{at}; 02392 293988
Pamphlet 387, August 2012
by Richard Broadberry

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