Twin Cites Area Creation Science Organizations

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Following is a list, by no means exhaustive, of some of the creation science and related groups in the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota and the surrounding vicinity:

  • Adventure Safaris
  • Directed in California by Russ McGlenn, whose Native American name is Fox-in-the-Valley

    Russ and Tricia McGlenn
    1132 Sunnyslope Ln.
    Santa Maria, CA. 93455
    Home Phone 805 925 9750 Summer Cell 805 588 3353
    e-mail, russmcglenn{at}juno.com
    web homepage Adventure Safaris
    Educational services include safaris to geological and archeological sites in MN and the Dakotas, and home-schooling resources.

    They are the local contact for the South Dakota Dinosaur Dig.

    They also have in the past sponsored the exciting Search for Manipogo.

    Adventure Safaris sponsors an annual California Home School Science Fair and TCCSA carries on the annual Minnesota Home School Science Fair in February. .

  • Bookstore of TCCSA

    Lehrke Productions no longer exists
    But You Can Get The DVDs of Many TCCSA Meetings
    For a list of DVDs of TCCSA meetings presently available, Click HERE
    or Contact Dave Johnson.
    The Christian Resource Center also has its lending DVD library available at TCCSA meetings.

    Books and videos can be ordered from many of the resources listed on our Links Page

    Especially consider:
    Creation Moments www.creationmoments.com
    Institute for Creation Research https://www.icr.org
    Answers in Genesis www.answersingenesis.org
    Amazon.com Amazon.com

  • Creation Education Association
    Publishes educational material, gives lectures, makes models of the ark
    Eugene Sattler
    W22228 Badger Avenue
    Pine River WI 54965
    phone 920-987-5979
    e-mail sattlere1{at}juno.com

  • Christian Ministries International
    Carlson's sons
    PO Box 1156
    Minnetonka MN 55345
    e-mail info{at}christianministriesintl.org
    web site https://www.jude3.com/

  • CRC
  • Christian Resource Center

  • The Christian Resource Center Library (CRC) is a Christian and Homeschooling library that has something special for everyone in the family.

    Web Site www.crclibrary.org
    To Search For a Specific title, click HERE.

  • Christ Serve Ranch
    Bill Schultz
    Director of Planning and Resource Development
    Lutheran Island Camp, Inc.
    45011 230th St.
    Henning, MN 56551
    e-mail licplanning{at}islandcamp.org
    website www.christserveranch.org TCCSA has provided consultation for a Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center near Henning, Minnesota.

    This will be the first Bible based Environmental Learning Center in the World and a significant step forward for science. This is where future leaders of the church as well as science will receive training. Please take a brochure which explains more about the center and the 275 acre site.

  • Creation Moments (formerly Bible Science Association)
    info{at}creationmoments.com Toll Free: 800-422-4253
    Local: 320-968-4092
    Fax: 320-968-4094

    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 839
    Foley, MN 56329

    19365 65th St NE
    Foley, MN 56329

    Started by Rev. Walter Lang as Bible Science Association, now headed by Ian Taylor, speaker and author of In the Minds of Men. Creation Moments maintains a resource catalog for ordering creation science materials. They also produce a radio program "Creation Moments."
    web site www.creationmoments.com

  • Creation Science Seminars
    Seminars on Worldviews And Violence Prevention
    Robert C. Frey
    13150 Stewart Ave.
    Norwood, MN 55368-9675
    phone 952-467-4474
    e-mail: Freysci{at}aol.com

  • web site www.CreationScienceSeminars.org

  • Faithsearch International
    Dr. Don Bierle
    Sponsors Seminars, Publishes Resources
    P.O. Box 786, Chanhassen, MN 55317
    Toll Free: (800) 964-1447
    Phone: (952) 401-4501 FAX: (952) 401-4504
    e-mail: info{at}faithsearch.org
    web site https://www.faithsearch.org/

    The GENESIS Institute
    740 South 128th Street
    Seattle, WA 98168-2726
    (206) 246-5575 or 206-241-8988
    NEW WEB SITE https://www.creationism.org/lang/
    Founded by the late lecturer and author Rev. Walter Lang, who moved from Richfield to Seattle where he lived until his death in the summer of 2004. An excellent source for information concerning the creation movement worldwide. Maintained a resource catalog for ordering creation science materials. Produced a quarterly magazine, "The Ark Today".

  • Lehrke Productions no longer exists
    But You Can Get The DVDs of Many TCCSA Meetings
    Cost is $5.00 for one and 3 for $10.00
    For a list of DVDs of TCCSA meetings presently available
    Click HERE and Contact Dave Johnson.

  • Minnesota Summit Project
    PO Box 642
    Sauk Rapids, MN 56379
    phone 320-230-WORD
    e-mail prspktv{at}prspktv.org
    web site https://www.mnsummit.org/

  • Anselm House/formerly MacLaurin Institute
    1337 Cleveland Avenue N.
    St. Paul, MN 55108
    A Christian Study Center at the University of Minnesota
    Some of its courses and special events touch on creation/evolution, but take theistic evolution or long age view.
    The partnered with Biologos to evangelize evangelical Christians to become theistic evolutionists and abandon the idea of a literal Adam and Eve. e-mail hello{at}anselmhouse.org
    web site https://anselmhouse.org/

  • Richard Broadberry
    Based in Southhampton England, frequently in China Co-author God's Promise to the Chinese
    And other books showing that the ancient Chinese recognized the Creator God Who loves all people and worshipped Him with animal sacrifice and further immortalized these principles in their written language.
    This shows that Christianity is not a foreign religion but the fulfillment of the sacrifices.
    It is also independent confirmation of the historicity of Genesis from Creation through the Fall to the Flood. It is consistent with the Tower of Babel dispersion of people who had heard the stories from Noah's family.
    Co-authors are Ethel Nelson and Ginger Tong Chock
    Also writes book reviews. web site www.broadberry.org

  • Young Earth Creation Organization
    Brock Lee is an author, lecturer, researcher and has a travelling museum.
    Located in Owatonna Minnesota
    For Contact information, visit the web site www.youngearthcreation.org

    If you have a group or organization that you would like featured here, please feel free to send the pertinent information to us.