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Contested Bones
A Review of "Contested Bones," by Christopher Rupe and Dr. John Sanford
by Ross S. Olson MD

In his personal prologue, John Sanford admits that he, as a mature scientist in the field of genetics, had accepted the story of human evolution without question until he determined that his own field showed the impossibility of that scenario. He collaborated to write this book because when he presents his case against evolution, as laid out in his book Genetic Entropy, people argue that he must be wrong because the fossils clearly show ape to human evolution. In tackling that topic, he answers the objection that neither he nor Christopher Rupe have PhDs in paleoanthropology by pointing out that paradigm-challenging ideas never come from within a field, where "group think" rules. The book systematically analyzes the data, picking up the thread begun in the 1992 book, Bones of Contention by Marvin Lubenow. Time has not helped the evolutionist cause. More specimens and better analytical techniques have solidified the case.

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Creation World View Book Released
A Review of "Unlocking The Mysteries of Creation," by Dennis Petersen
by Tom Ish, editor of Creation Illustrated Magazine

After three years of hard work researching, writing, designing, and calling upon the expertise of others, the expanded third edition of "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation: The Explorer's Guide to the Awesome Works of God" by Dennis R. Petersen, is finally off the press and ready to be a Bible-based world-view centerpiece in every home and library.

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Icons of Evolution, by Dr. Jonathan Wells
Reviewed by Raymond G. Bohlin, Ph.D.
See https://www.probe.org/docs/icons.html

God: The Evidence, by Patrick Glynn
Reviewed by Ross Olson
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Tornado in a Junkyard
by James Perloff

"Tornado in a Junkyard is a unique presentation of the scientific case against Darwinism, informally written for laymen. If you are looking for a user-friendly explanation of the facts supporting creation, this book is for you."

-Dr. Emmet L. Williams, President, Creation Research Society.

The Long War Against God
by Henry Morris

In this comprehensive look at the history and impact of the creation/evolution conflict, Dr. Morris documents the toxic impact of evolution on all fields of study and in all areas of human life. He is emphatic that evolutionism needs to be countered-not accomodated-by Christians.

-From Kent Hovind's Newsletter

Ride To Glory
by Warren L. Johns

The Scopes Trial gave many people their mental image of creationism. This fictional account of Scopes II allows us to see the real truth. Click HERE for review.

-Reviewed by Bob Helfinstine, President of TCCSA

by Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor's book, now in a revised Second Edition, FOSSIL FACTS & FANTASIES is a STUNNING PICTORIAL where Joe brings his most interesting specimens to life. Whether you are interested in trilobites, dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, or giant fossil humans, this book is sure to pique your curiosity. Yet this work is thoroughly committed to the Creator and to the Biblical truths of the young earth and global Flood of Noah.

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God's Promise to the Chinese

by Ethel Nelson, Richard Broadberry and Ginger Tong Chock

Available from many sources.

Chinese versions available Simplified Characters (Mainland China) Classic Characters (Taiwan, Hong Kong and most overseas Chinese) from Richard Broadberry who also has English versions available.

This is part of a series of books on the relationship of written Chinese Characters to Biblical concepts. For instance the character for "righteousness" is "a lamb" over "me." To disqualify the standard explanation that this merely means taking on the characteristics of a lamb, the "me" is holding a spear. That train of thought would sound like hypocrisy and the Chinese are far more sophisticated than that. The simplest explanation would be that the sacrificial system, instituted by God in Genesis, was known to them.

A garden has four rivers flowing out from the center. Remember the four streams of Eden? Covetousness is a woman between two trees. That should not be a hard one. The character for a ship is a vessel with eight persons aboard. Hmmm, sure sounds like Noah and company.

And the Emperor of China, until the Empire was ended in 1911, offered a sacrifice at the Temple of Heaven for his own sins and the sins of his people, at which time he humbled himself before the Emperor of Heaven.

What is the explanation? The knowledge of the beginnings, known to the early descendents of Noah, was passed down the generations and carried to all parts of the world at the dispursion following the tower of Babel. When the Chinese developed their pictographs, they tied the concepts to familiar stories -- Bible stories, we would say, although this predated the Hebrew Scripture and occurred thousands of miles away.

This book gives an entirely new avenue of confirmation to the Biblical record. And, for the Chinese, shows that their revered ancestors knew the truth. The God of the Bible is the God of THEIR Fathers, too and remnants of His worship, although without full understanding, remained until recent times.

Reviewed by Ross Olson

Mystery of the Effigy Mounds

by Russ McGlenn Review

The Adventure Safaris Creation Science Dinosaur Dig Workbook

by Russ McGlenn

Design Vs. Chaos, A New Model of the Atom Based on Classical Science and a Biblical World View, 2000

by Russ McGlenn Review

The Dark side od Charles Darwin
Jerry Bergman, writes faster than most people read, has written "The Dark Side of Charles Darwin: A Critical Analysis of an Icon of Science"
A Review by Ross Olson

Boy Out Of Time
New Creation Adventure Book

Aimed at teens

See A Boy Out Of Time
Book 2 now available -- Captured in Atlantis
See A Review of Captured In Atlantis
See www.thetimetwins.com for Kindle, Nook and PDF editions.